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Seeing Beyond the Smokescreen

 There is a crippling fear that has gripped the heart and soul of people. Covid 19 is still raging, many are dying in hospitals because they listened to folks who populated myths of what was in the vaccine, glorified snake oil salesmen while they and their families were not only vaccinated, but receiving monoclonal antibodies when some of them got Covid in the early days. The jobs report came out and again, this fear of not enough is pervading the land, mostly written about with the top 1% of the 1% in mind, afraid of their stock market returns, but not afraid enough to listen to the cries of the workers kept in the endless wheel of capitalism. The stage hands walked off the jobs. Restaurant workers said $2.13 per hour plus tips that may not come was not enough. Cereal factory workers stopped. So many stopped. Stopped being afraid. Took back pieces of their own power. I woke up thinking about that on this October 11th day that is Indigenous Peoples' Day. A day when the mail is not

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