Monday, February 18, 2008

Then Came a Moment

Moments. Today was a moment.

I came to the coffee shop to escape the remnants of an over-exuberant howl-out night. I couldn't face cleaning up the popcorn bowls and juice cups after the kids camped out in the family room so I gathered up my computer, my books, my favorite mug,and headed out to a little solitude. I settled into an early morning of reading, thinking, and just looking out the window.

Then came a moment.

I ran into a group of people, fate allowing our paths to cross in wake of the Kirkwood Tragedy. It was an ordained segment of time. We sat and shared and talked and possibility rang out. I felt as if the circumstances of my life were meant to affect the circumstances of their mission. Hope. It is the cry of the people, it is the cry of my chosen candidate, hope.

Then came a moment.

I shared with them my feelings and they shared with me their work in the area. There were light bulbs going off in this circle of four. We knew we hit on connections, a missing peg. Purpose met passion met people.

Then came a moment.

I sat there listening to all the things they were doing and time they had invested. I offered up my areas of expertise and my desire to help. We talked further and then a need was identified and a passion was ignited. I came to understand what I could do. The task no longer seemed so large and also no longer seemed like putting a bandaid on a deep gash. I could love.

Then came a moment.

I listened as they shared with me the mission of their work and then came a "Hey, can you..?." The conversation turned to specific needs and what I could open up and do. "Absolutely!" I felt a tugging in my heart for connection here in my new home town with girls, with kids who needed my hug. I will meet them tomorrow night, I can't wait. I am invested because God put love and compassion in me and because pain hit home. What can I do? I have found one thing, I am a mom. Moms love and nurture and give, that is what I will do.

It happened in a moment.

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