Thursday, May 1, 2008

National Day of Prayer

What I'm praying for...

1. The Lord's will to be done!

2. People to store up like Joseph so they won't go hungry as the recession wears on!

3. All the young people! Special prayer for young black men who seem to be a target.

4. Peace in America, we are in deep trouble as a nation of greed, death, and immorality.

5. My son in Japan.

6. My eldest son trying to be a thoughtful, educated, 21, black, American.

7. My youngest daughter and all other kids with chronic illnesses...and their parents.

8. Decent and affordable health care in America.


10. My little corner of the world as we work through race relations.

11. The wealthy to know you really don't need another Prada or your 16 year old in a Mercedes!

12. The poor to know God has got your back and stop making Wal*Mart wealthy!

13. White people to stop being scared of black people, we are AMERICANS TOO!

14. White people to stop hating if black people want to be proud of their blackness.

15. Black people to stop blaming white people and take care of our own!

16. Black fathers and black men to take back the community.

17. Teenage girls to close their legs and stop the rising numbers of teen STD.

18. Main Stream Media to stop trying to scare the blue collar white people!

19. Blue collar white people and blue collar black and brown people to unite!

20. Teachers to junk No Child Left Behind and GO BACK TO TEACHING OUR KIDS!

21. Kids to go to the library (FREE!!!) and turn off the TV!

22. Family dinner time all the time and stop chasing the illusive dollar bill!

23. 11 o'clock in America would stop being the most segregated hour of the week!

24. The country to stop enabling the big fat lie of Iraq and support our troops but not WAR!

25. Peace, really, really, really, just peace for a day and stop the killing!

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