Monday, September 29, 2008


Bullies never stop. They pick and pick and pick until either they have destroyed their prey or their prey has turned and eliminated them. Bullies are really fearful and to mask and cover up their fear, they constantly, unrelentingly attack their prey. Bullies use their words to taunt and haunt their prey more than they use their fists. Bullies create a false reality in that the prey is deserving of their emotional, psychological, and in some cases, sexual abuse. Bullies create an atmosphere of heart-pounding fear and brow-sweating anxiety. Bullies are evil.

Bullies come in many forms. We are more accustomed to the big kid on the playground who pushes around the new guy or the skinny kid. Girls bully with their cliques and taunts of the girl without the designer clothes. Bullies are everywhere and they are a plague.

Husbands bully wives who stay home by threatening to kick them out, reprimanding them for forgetting to hang up a towel even though they spent eight straight hours cleaning up, constantly accusing them of some infraction, talking over them so they are left defenseless. Trophy wives bully their husbands through constant lust for the designer goods that the husband can't always afford. Bosses bully employees by the threat of firing, withholding benefits, and coercing them to vote a certain way. Governments bully citizens through surveillance, intimidation, and widespread financial panic.

Drug, alcohol, food, and sex addicts are bullies who push their families to the brink through their addictive behavior. Addicts are out-of-control and the imbalance caused by their dependence on some chemical makes them horrible to live with and often leaves their family defenseless against their unrelenting barrage of attacks.

"A blustering browbeating person; especially one habitually cruel to others who are weaker. To treat abusively. To affect by means of force or coercion. To use browbeating language or behavior. INTIMIDATE. " Webster's New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary.

Sarah Palin is bullying her pregnant teenage daughter to marry an young man who admittedly is a "red-neck" and "doesn't want kids."

Henry Paulson, President Bush, et al is bullying the American people and congress to bail out Wall Street without regard to Main Street, even with the supposed deal that is to be signed Monday and Wednesday.

Wal*Mart is bullying the employees to vote Republican because if they vote Democrat they will lose their jobs

Shell, BP, Exxon, are bullying the car driver through exorbitant gas prices

We face it every day in some form or another. It makes us collectively fearful and anxious. It makes us exhausted. It makes us rage. The bullies won't stop, we must stop the bully. One voice, two voices, three voices, just like in the school yard when the victim gets up, dusts off his jeans, and stares the bully down. He punches back and even though the bully hits him to the ground again, he gets back up and stares him down and takes the offensive. Bullies thrive on intimidation and when the intimidation is gone, they reveal their true character.

Bullies must be stopped. Turn around face off. They will back down. The victim may be bruised in the process, but in the end, will have a new release of life. The bully may even reform. Or they can keep pushing until the victim faces them off in a way that leaves them both maimed, destroyed, or dead.

Word-to-the-wise for bullies...just back off, it isn't Godly and it isn't worth it.

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