Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Simply Amazing!

First, I have to send my well wishes and thoughts to Senator Barack Obama as he prepares to fly to Hawaii to see about his beloved Toot. I wish her good health and recovery so she can see her grandson reach the highest office in the land.

Second, I have to say it was simply amazing to be part of the sea of humanity at the Gateway Arch. I was 1 of 100,000 and it took me a few days to let sink in what really happened. It was America, true America. Black and white, brown and tan, young and old. There were families and there were singles. All of the beauty of this country met in St. Louis, Missouri on a gloriously sunny Saturday to lend our collective voices to our choice for the next President of the United States. The emphasis is on the UNITED STATES and no more of the fear-mongering, divisive politics of the last eight years and of the candidates of a certain right-wing party. I want peace and there was a wave of excitement and peace in the air. Part of it was for Senator Barack Obama, but I believe, the other and greater part of it was that WE, THE PEOPLE really knew it was possible for an individual to make a change in this great country.

As a picture speaks a thousand words, here are the pictures from that amazing moment, I hope my children will remember they were there.

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