Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts on All this

I had a great weekend. I didn't want the news. I wasn't anxious about the economy or the election. It was nice.

The thought came to me this morning while I was sipping a vanilla latte that many of my fellow citizens are just fed up, exhausted, and plain worn out of all the news.

I have a tendency to keep my television on CNN, especially after the economic crisis and the debates. The writer in me wanted to keep abreast of what was happening. I found myself getting mad at the main stream media for their report or lack of full report. There are some I like and some I can't watch. I realized it was in my more than I want and I may have to detox once this election is over.

This weekend I took my four-year-old daughter to a university homecoming parade and munched on hotdogs at the afternoon tailgate. On Saturday morning, I sat with other adults and talked about kids and education. After the meeting I hung out with my daughters and a group of teenage girls. We laughed and joked over cupcakes. That night, I got all dolled up to attend a black-tie event for my husband's university. Sunday after church, I stayed in bed, it was nice to read, doze off, watch a movie, read some more, and nap to the sound of the neighborhood kids playing on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Too much of the bad news can put a cloud on the wonderful things in life. Yes, we are in a recession, yes we are in a tough election, yes gas prices have gone down because heating costs are about to go up, yes cereal is almost $5 a box and yes, jobs are fewer and far between. Yet, in the midst of all the gloom and doom, there is laughter, joy, and life.

Today, I made lunch for some college students, I helped my daughter ride her bike, I watched my older daughter color one of her many designs, I picked my son up from school, and I did laundry. I talked with my neighbor at the bus stop and I sipped a vanilla latte. Life goes on and it will all come out in the wash.

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