Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Sun Is Shining

This is a new day in America!

I work up to the beautiful sun and an unusually warm autumn day in St. Louis. The grass is covered in the multicolored leaves, each doing a dance, each being their own beautiful self. It is a new day.

Outside, on my quaint street, there were lots and lots of Obama signs leading up to the election. I'm in the middle of our block so on the other end, were a few McCain signs. There was one right across the street from me. This morning, early this morning, that sign was gone and all the Obama signs were still up.

One of my neighbors was getting ready to take his teenager to the high school and we waved to each other, separated by a slight hill and five houses. I jumped in victory and he said, "the sun is shining today!" He was one of the ones in the early line yesterday. His family is white and have an adopted biracial son.

This day, there is an opportunity for America to carpe diem. Like the leaves dancing on the ground outside, all our cultures, ethnicity's, races, heritages, languages can come together and dance. I saw it last night at the watch party for Senator Obama held at the Chase Park Plaza on the Central West End. There were hundreds of people and all were a mix of America.

I smile and think about the possibilities. Today is new.

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