Monday, November 10, 2008

Why The Yard Signs Are Still Up

This time a week ago, as I looked out my family room window, I saw a sea of blue signs. My stomach was in knots as my son was out canvassing for now President-Elect Obama. I wondered about the next day and had a nervous energy as I prepared dinner for my children.

It has been an historic time! I was at the Chase Park Plaza celebrating with family and friends. The blue yard signs greeted me as I came home, still waving proudly in ordinary yards in Kirkwood. The McCain sign across from my home was gone by the morning after victory. Yet, the Obama signs still stand proudly.

The days since the election, I have taken short drives around my inner-ring suburb and have marveled at the signs still up. Certainly on my street, only one of my neighbors has taken down their Obama-Biden sign. I pondered this as my tour took me through middle class and upper class areas. There was a sense of joy as I drove past the huge homes on Woodbine only to see the rows and rows of blue.

I spoke to one of my Mocha Mom friends and she told me she just took her sign down today. I told her about the many signs still up. I think they are still waving, not to gloat, but to proudly proclaim, I really voted for change! I want change! And Change has come to America!

The yard signs represent a shift. They show that the politics of fear are over. The handcuffing along lines that would divide have been unlocked. The "us" versus "them" ends. They represent the hope and vitality that is the heart of every American. We are truly not red states and blue states, rural versus urban, white versus black, rich versus poor, educated versus uneducated, we are the United States of America. That is the signal of change by the yard signs still standing proudly in yards in Kirkwood.

We are the change we seek and the yard signs, for now, remind us that this change has truly come and this change was always here, in us, with us, it is us.

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