Monday, December 8, 2008

Time Out for Corporate Greed

My reaction to the sit-in factory workers in Chicago is "right on."

My reaction to President-elect Obama's statement of support of those same factory workers is "I'm so proud I campaigned for you! I'm so proud you put the walk in the talk!"

I believe we are headed for a serious economic situation and an equally unprecedented rising up of previously complacent Americans.

I've watched in horror and dismay at all the financial powerhouses crumbling followed by the auto industry flying in on a corporate jet with their hat-in-hand for a bailout. This is at the same time as I recently learned a mom of a freshman at my son's high school was laid off back in October. Even as I co-organize a group of St. Louis County Obama Supporters to give to local food pantries, the Merrill Lynch CEO, Mr. Thain, is demanding a $10 MILLION bonus for destroying the company. His rationale, "it would've been worse." Give me a break.

Tell that to the people, middle class people, who are lining up to receive bags of groceries from the food banks they used to support. Tell that to the over 2 million Americans out-of-work. The 6.7% unemployment figure is misleading because it doesn't include the part-timers who can't get full-time work and the many at-home-moms with school-aged kids who want to work but can't. What about the bonus or bailout for them?

I'm immensely supportive and proud that President-elect Obama didn't mince words or hesitate to give his support and approval of the camped-in workers. They are not asking for a bonus or handout, they are asking for the vacation and severance pay THEY EARNED and they deserve! They are the real heroes of America.

I expect to see a peaceful rising up of more such workers, perhaps in my backyard of Fenton, MO with the recent layoff announcements. Even the companies that are doing this because their profit is less than expected so they are sending out pink-slips as holiday presents. When will greed be crumbled? I believe now.

So does Rob Kall over at OpEd News. He is equally proud and concurs. This was a most progressive statement by President-elect Obama.

This may be a Merry Christmas after all. Corporate America be on notice, we are watching and we are responding. Greed has no place in the new paradigm.

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