Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ted Haggard, Oprah Interview: Haggard And Wife Discuss Gay Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

I have to say that this ticks me off! I'm so sick of all the fallen-from-grace public officials with their sexual addictions, drug addictions, porn addictions, alcohol addictions, gambling addictions, and food addictions!

Oprah's hollow Mea Culpa

The "Science" of Porn
Editor’s Note: Tonight on AC360°, don’t miss Joe Johns report on the government scientists who are accused of surfing for porn on your tax dollars

Texas Governor's Gay Sex Scandal Covered in Austin paper, the First Non-Internet Media Outlet to Report On It.

The Making of a Gay American

Thirty-four days after I was elected governor of New Jersey, I began a secret affair with an aide named Golan Cipel. It destroyed my career, ruined my marriage, and helped me discover who I really am.

GOP Senator Larry Craig arrested in 'bathroom incident'

William Bennett: the secret high-stakes gambling life of a former drug “czar”

The ones who preach and claim evangelical Christianity as their base. The ones who spout against sexual education but are out there paying prostitutes, raping women and children, or trolling for gay sex. The ones who preach against all the ills and things that give you a straight ticket to hell but are out there endangering their families through alcohol, drugs (crack, meth, cocaine, food), or whatever vice.

The Bible says we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. That is true and only God can forgive sins. There is also no degree or level of sin yet it seems that these public, many Republican, all claiming Christianity figures seem to spout the most about sexual sin. This kind of stuff just boils my blood.

I'm really at the point of being sick-and-tired of the hypocrisy. The ones who preach against sex, won't have sex with their husband or wife, but are quick to done the long skirt, the stone faced look, and the stealth trips to a park, public restroom, hotel, or car to get their groove on. The ones who speak out the most against gay-marriage, LGBT rights, or the ever-present homophobia in the black community.

What would happen if all these undercover, black and white, preachers and people period, just came out to be who they are? Would that kill the "scandal" and then free them from humiliation? Would it make it easier on their families? Would all the confusing questions go away, would the wives stop having to put on the happy face like this one or the one in New Jersey and just "stand by your man?"

It is a new day, hopefully there will be change in this area also, it's about time for some real love and real accountability and real Christianity!

Ted Haggard, Oprah Interview: Haggard And Wife Discuss Gay Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

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Like a lot of us, we've rolled our eyes at the numerous news stories of a public figure fallen-from-grace over a sexual thing whether it was paying oral sex like would-be-Alabama-Governor-candidate Charles Barkley or the latest report from CNN that our tax dollars have paid for government officials to surf the Internet for porn. Or the continuous reports, church-chat, and Internet blog entries about Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin.

The Ted Haggard story is just one in many that continues to surface and it made me wonder, what is wrong with Republicans? Or is that better what is wrong with Catholics? Or what is wrong with Evangelical Christians? Or is that what is wrong with black men? Or is that what is wrong with white men? Or is that what is wrong with, wait, there are just too many what-is-wrong-with-questions.

So then I wondered about the horrible confusion and pain that would cause someone to act in the manner of the news stories posted. I wondered about the guilt and pressure and pain thrust upon their wives for having to be silent about the ills of these men. I wondered about the double-addictions they must have to mask their pain. I wondered about the stress they endure.

I haven't checked into it, but wonder if that is why there are alcoholic suburban women and why some try to numb the pain through prescription pills. Or is the real thing that this country is so repressive sexually that we hold to the evangelical standard of virgin-when-married, only-marry-opposite-sex and demonize-everything-else and remember to only-have-sex-to-procreate. Is that really what is behind the abstinence-only education or the Planned Parenthood push for the-right-to-choose or the rise in HIV/AIDS death among heterosexual black women?

Perhaps this is all just too much before a latte!

Life is too short, just live and don't try to live up to some standard that is false. Pray, read, meditate, but in the end, be true to yourself and the people around you, that is only fair.

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