Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday, I sat in a cozy living room among my Mocha Moms, Inc. sisters from the St. Louis area. We were surrounded with our children and a couple of the "Mocha Dads" who joined us for the momentous occasion that brought us there on that sunny, cold, Tuesday morning. Brunch was spread out on the counter, the children could feel the excitement in the air, and the coffee was brewing in the French Press.

And thankful, hopeful, joyful, purposeful hearts.

We listened intently and watched closely the events that happened on the mall. Thank goodness for her big screen TV. There was happy chatter as we were witnessing history and as eloquent speech tried to articulate the thoughts and feelings.

Joy at seeing history, memories of elders past, mortars blood, 40 years, 1865, 1965, years tumbled past as the oath of office was administered to Barack Hussein Obama. He will forever be known as President Obama, 44th leader of this great country.

And then the thought of the work ahead of him. Yesterday we danced, jumped, yelled, slapped hands, hugged, cried. Today we work, pick up the plow, and make America a better place.

It was a new and historic day. Forever we will be changed. Hope met Promise. Promise met Purpose. Purpose meets Action.

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