Monday, January 26, 2009

There Is No Question...Black IS Beautiful

Big thanks to Jack and Jill Politics for keeping it real about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

He CHOOSES to identify as black, as do most black people who are "mixed." It has been that way since the first black person set foot on the soil of this country. It includes my Creole heritage family with the Quadroon Balls from the antebellum days in New Orleans. My Dominican Republic born foremother who was brought here to New Orleans. Her cafe' au lait granddaugther, my mother, me, my daughter, we are all black. It includes my recently buried priest cousin who on first sight looks whiter than white despite being born of two black parents.

On this topic, I agree with the post on Jack and Jill, the thing is that some white people are having a hard time with a real, brown-skinned, beautiful, accomplished, educated, wife and mother at the First Lady of this country. I said it before and I say it again, they are busting stereotypes left and right. Black people have always been every shade from vanilla to espresso. Often within the same family, skin color, hair texture, it runs the gamet with African Americans.

I think the thing with President Obama that makes some white people uncomfortable with his Africanness is that is reminds them of their ancestors unspoken sins of America's past. There are so many of "us" who are filled with plenty of "them" from many centuries ago. The biracial thing is a new phenomen to make some feel more at ease with the black, the black is there and will always be there. It is a beautiful, wonderful, thing and like the President, I love being black.

Check out the video by clicking the link below, bring the tissues, grab your husband or wife, and smile. President Obama is black, his wife is black, his daughters are black, his mother-in-law is black, and guess what, black IS beautiful!

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  1. This is such an important topic to air...right here in the sometimes clouded American air.

    You might enjoy David Zaremka's post on Riehlife concerning "Identity" and how that is differently perceived. Here's the link.

    Janet Riehl


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