Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on the Rihanna Situaiton and Domestic Violence Victims


Rihanna is from Barbados, an island that has high incidence of domestic violence. It was reported this morning on both CNN and on Jack & Jill that she went back to Chris Brown. This is the mistake a lot of women make because as the CNN story showed this morning, there is still a lot of blaming the victim. This is sad to me because she had an opportunity and support to leave, definitely was in much better financial shape than a lot of battered women.

There are many, many stories of black women killed by their intimate, often black, male partners. This is why the Pearl Cleage message resonated with me and is so important that I have to share it. This is happening to black women in all economic levels, married or not, at all educational levels. Violence against women must stop and overwhelmingly more black women are killed than white women because of this epidemic.

I call the names and murder dates of some of these black women!
1. Shukura Akilah Abdullah Aleem, age 21, 5-28-07
2. Tarneshia Jones, 19, 1-6-09, leaves a 2 year old son by her killer, who killed himself
3. Yoranda Ntahomvukiye, age 59, 1-3-09
4. Darlene Sloan, age 50, 12-25-08
5. Veronica Williams, age 28, 11-20-08

And there are more, so many more, we can not afford to stick our head in the sand about this!

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