Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Will Keep Calling Attention To This Issue

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appointed this woman to the Alaskan Supreme Court. Women in tough marriages in Alaska now have a certified enemy in the court system that is already notoriously slanted in hearing their plight. A vast majority of the women in prison for murder are there because they could not take it anymore and killed their abuser in self-defense. In these trying economic times with more and more layoffs and financial plight, expect to hear more about women victims of domestic violence. We must keep calling attention to this issue and offer real reform, real change, and real help to rebuild lives. If these men did this to other men or to a stranger woman, they would be behind bars.

Christen involved in custody cases involving DV, rape, suicide/homocide

Morgan Christen allegedly appointed a child custody evaluator (CCE) rumored in the industry to never recommend custody to a mother. Same CCE also rumored to have had a past relationship with a father-litigant and vowed from that day forward to help out the "poor daddies". CCE allegedly minimized and dismissed mothers evidence of domestic violence, history of sexual abuse by father to mother and suspected for female child, and marital rape resulting in a restraining order against the father. Instead of believing mother's account of assault and getting her help, Christen threatened her with loss of custody due to her "anger". Despondent and traumatized mother faced with loss of custody for reporting abuse and concerns committed suicide, taking the children with her after a Christen ruling that allegedly took away her holiday time with the children and threatened again she would lose custody. Tragic case that could have likely been averted had the victim of violence received the treatment necessary to stabilize, instead of being further revictimized in the courts.

An additional case with Christen involved a well known local media personality and his abused wife-stay-at-home mom. The police had allegedly pressed charges against the father when he beat her in front of the children in their family van. The father's attorney, who is now a judge, allegedly managed to manipulate the prosecutor's office into dropping prosecution, even though the mother required medical treatment. Christen reportedly penalized the pro se mother for her fears of the father, claiming she was least likely to "facilitate an open and loving relationship between the children and father (PAS) and stripped the mother of custody. Abuser father to this day has thwarted visitation between mother and children.

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