And It Was Good!

There are some weddings you go to that you are happy for the couple.

Then there are some weddings you go to that are more than a wedding.

And then there was Thom and Joy Foster.

Last night was an absolutely marvelous union of two kindred-souls. There was so much excitement in the air because each had lived and experienced life, each had journeyed to the altar not seeking anything other than a plate of food at a church conference. And then they walked, talked, shared, and he found her.

Joy is really a reflection of Thom's love who reflect God's love to her, the way he looked at her is the way a man should look at the gift of his bride.

Everyone from the mother-of-the-bride down to the little boy who danced the adults off the floor was joyous and celebrated something magnificient.

Welcome to the family my sister-cousin. It is good!