Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living Life and No More Fear

The other day I talked about turning forty-five.

The week or so since that pivotal birthday has been refreshing for me. I have more gray hair, have become comfortable with my wrinkles, and have found a voice that was buried.

There was someone in my life who was always controlling, invading, and simply toxic. I'm sure everyone has that lurking bully, reminiscent of high school gym class, who never seems to find anything good about you. Always accusing and you defending, or always disbelieving and you defending, or simply always condemning and you defending.

Yesterday I said enough. That's it. Life is too short.

Then I realized that our entire country has been under the strangle-hold of a bully. The prior administration, the invading of privacy at the airport, the civil liberties lost, the one ounce of shampoo, all of it has been the work of some big bully making our collective hearts beat too fast for fear of what they would do.

Well, as my father once told me, there are more years behind me than before me. Even if I live to be 90 years old, I intend for the next forty-five years to be fully lived, fully realized, and fully free.

So, if you look up one day and my bags are packed, suitcase in hand, passport tucked in blue jeans pocket, don't be surprised...life is too short and it is meant to be lived! Forget the fear of financial ruin, the banking greed handled that for the country. Forget the fear of what "they" may think, they are no better than the rest of us. Forget the fear and live the gift God gave.

Yep, I love being forty-five, found breath and the joie d'vive!

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