Monday, May 4, 2009

Today is My Son's 15th Birthday

So much on my mind today.

My baby boy turned 15 years old at 3:22am today. Has it really been that long? The essence of him fills my thoughts even now.

I think about how my life has changed over the last 15 years as a result of birthing this talented young man. Chicago no longer became my home when this child was still a babe-in-arms at 2 1/2 months. He was 5 years younger than my now middle son. I could not believe I had a baby boy at my age. Back then it seemed old to have a child at 29 years, 11 months, 363 days. Now it is more commonplace.

This son of mine is all teenager, he is goofy, loves his action figures, is great at singing, acting, dancing, musical instruments. He is intelligent and disorganized. He can be annoying and is always loving. He gives great hugs even though at 5'8" he is all sticks and bones. My organic and vegetarian quest has found a friend in him, he is a germaphobe and seems to want to don gloves before taking out the trash.

He wants a skateboard for his birthday, that or a BMX bike, clothes, or a new XBox360, as if he didn't have enough electronic games already. He told me the other day he just wanted to be a kid. On the menu? Chinese food and carrot cake.

I look at this son and cherish him in my life. He is one of the reasons I take a breath every morning and will be in my spirit when I close my eyes tonight.

Today is my son's 15th birthday and I celebrate his presence.

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