Friday, June 19, 2009

Remembering Life Changes

This is the end of a very long week.

The first day the students arrived at SPROG was also the day my husband and children were up in Michigan to bury his last uncle. My husband is now an elder male in the family. It was hard to not be there with them.

Saddness hit me really hard when my son in Japan let me know his long-awaited leave home would not take place. His flight from Japan to Seattle got cancelled. This kids rubs two nickles to make a dime so spending over $2000 to get home was just too much to bear. We discovered Sykpe and the joys of video talking. He decided to take advantage of Japan and went hiking in the mountains.

The elder son called me with some potential news. He is still discovering his plan and purpose in life. They never stop being our children even in their twenties.

All the hard work and planning for the summer program has given me joy to see it come together. I am just playing a small part in closing the achievement gap and keeping a great group of kids motivated through the summer. I pray to always be worthy of the 56+ kids in my care.

The weather in St. Louis is hot and muggy. Our second summer here and I wonder if we will ever get used to the oven. Even if my family goes back a few generations here and I was born in this sauna, I still crave a beach and air!

Our week ended with sadness with the death of my husband's dear Godsister. Our culture, like a lot of cultures of color, know no distinctions of sister, brother, aunt, uncle. She was simply Aunt Nikki and her thirty-plus years on the earth was not enough. She was generous, loving, and pragmatic. She brought the family together through monthly birthday dinners that started back at Thanksgiving and lasted through the end of April. Her battle with cystic fibrosis prevented us from having the dinner in May and her courageous fight ended on Juneteenth. She is greeted with the cloud of witnesses and the spirit of the elders.

Life is about change. It is organic and moving. There are times the change is good and times the change is bad. It is all part of breathing air and celebrating what the Creator has given us. We never want to remain stagnant for then we cease to be curious. May life always continue to inspire us and motivate us and even when it greets us with sadness, may we embrace that aspect of the journey, for it enlighten our spirit.

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