Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thinking About Moving Day

Moving is an opportunity to review, reflect, and renew.

We spent the afternoon negotiating between bigger bedrooms and closets or bigger bathrooms and kitchen. We looked into nooks and crannies, opened doors, measured, walked, contemplated, all in the quest to find the next place to live.

St. Louis has been our home for the last couple years. We looked at everything from lofts in downtown to condos in Chesterfield. We explored Lafayette Square, the Central West End, Tower Grove/Shaw Park, and various West County Suburbs all in that hunt for the perfect location.

There is no perfect location. Moving is a series of negotiations between those things we absolutely need in a residence/location versus the things we want. It becomes a check and balance along with the review of all the stuff we own.

Moving is not fun for all the work required to pack and sort, label and tape, lift and load. It is a process that needs muscle, brains, creativity, and lots of energy bars. I am not looking forward to the daunting task.

I sat down this morning to sip my Burundi press and tried to envision my girls in a different bedroom, coming down for cereal in a different kitchen. What is it about change that excites us and fills us with trepeditation?

Tomorrow is decision day. We found a great townhouse that has a lot of amenities. The bathroom in the master is too small but the pragmatic Navy son told me we don't need that much room to shower! My Mocha Mom sister told me to opt for the house with the bigger kitchen and bathrooms despite the small closets. Maybe the small closets will encourage my husband to part with his blue jeans from college that have a resting place in our garage.

Moving day is a time to review, reflect, and renew. Perhaps like the coming fall, it is our opportunity to take on the new and explore life from a different vantage point.

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