Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News...Bad Delivery,,,What Does That Make Me?

So, does great news change because you are upset about how you received it?

Does it make the news any less great? Do you still celebrate?

I guess it all depends.

Today I learned I am going to be a grandmother...I think. Still not sure if this is a hoax or real. Do I run out to the boutique baby store in town and pick up all the cute little gifts? Or do I sit patiently, mourning my status as the one of only a few of my cousins without that moniker?

And what do I call myself? I am only 45. I am the Latte Queen for goodness sakes! I wear pink keds and fluffy pink scarves. I do not look my age. What is a grandmother supposed to look like anyway?

I am still not sure if this news is real. I've been rewinding conversations with my son, the renaissance man-writer-spoken word artist-rapper-artist type. He kinda mentioned a long while ago, "mom, I may have gotten a girl pregnant," almost in the same breath he said, "my CD is in another store and I have a performance Friday night." Was I to take that seriously? It never came up again. So, do unmarried 22 1/2 year old sons still freak out about what their mothers would say?

Maybe I should just wait to hear that these little cherubs have actually, really, kicking and screaming, changed my status before I believe my husband's inaudible, toothpaste filled utterance that he spoke to the oldest son and he is expecting two kids! Whew! I was caffeine-deprived this morning because the stove blew out and I couldn't make a latte so maybe I just heard the whole thing wrong.

I have been frantically texting my son and asking him to confirm this news? I need to know how much time I have before I move from being a mom with kids ranging from 22 1/2 to 5 1/2 to being a grandmother. I There has to be time to digest this news, time to figure out how to knit or at least sew a blanket. Or figure out my moniker.

My cousin, a few years my senior, is more adept at this grandparent thing. She is called GG by her grandkids. I can't take that...can I?

Mama Taye'...maybe. Big Momma? No, definitely not that. TT? What? I better get to checking. The last time I called anyone Grandmother was my dear Grandmother Foster. That just won't do for me.

This news is too much to digest on a lack of caffeine. French Pressed Ethiopian coming right up!

Queen Mother...perhaps that is about right. Caramel Latte Queen Mother. Maybe...


  1. I would say Latte Queen Mother if you haven't picked a name yet. I'm not sure yet whether to say congratulations yet.. Should I? Anyhow, since I believe in the gift of life, -congratulations on your new status! Now let's refocus -Is your son ready?

  2. My son is getting ready for this change in his life! He has been involved and is excited. He wants the kids to call him "Papa." He is going to be great!

    And yes, congratulations!!!!!! I'm starting to like this status change and my upcoming new name!


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