Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Journey to Becoming Me'Me' or is that Omi or Gigi or...or...or...

I had a full day to digest the news of my upcoming grandbabies. It seems that the entire fall calendar I had planned has been thrown out the window with this upcoming event. I can not wait until January 2010.

The same time that I am awaiting this event, I am also wisely, slowly, and quietly helping my son get ready. This is a major life change for him and in his words, "this was not how I thought I would have children." He had to first get over his angst over really, really, audibly telling me that I am having two grandchildren. Then he let his guard down a little so I could hear the voice of my vulnerable son contemplating this change in his life.

Children are a blessing. Even if they come in unexpected ways. We are celebrating the blessing. And preparing my son for this event.

His sister and I were chatting about the whole thing yesterday after school. She said "I am too young to be called Auntie. They can just call me K." She promptly began to muse about how she can play with the "twins" and how cool it would be to have them around. She is only five so she is excited about having someone younger than her in the family.

I love my children. It was never in my life plan to have six, however, it was divinely ordained for my life. I am mother, mama, me'me'. It is who the nurturing and giving side of me was meant to have. I am also, in the words of my friend, "too young and hip to be granny!" I hope that the mothers will receive what I have to give and will know that this developing me'me' is excited to welcome the 8th generation of our family. My foremothers are having a roundtable discussion about all this.

In my minds eye, I can just see this counsel of women, sitting around, sending me their energy, preparing me to prepare my son. What a legacy awaits these children.

What a future awaits my son. I told him he has to be mature and wise and honorable for the children. No, he is not married so will encounter some drama with the mothers. There is always a consequence to our actions so I told him to be careful. He said, "oh yeah mama, I am, this is it for me, no more children." We will see.

For now, it is exciting and we have about two to two and a half months to wait. I just hope he is sleeping now because come January, sleep will be a thing of the past. And for that, I am glad I am me'me' and not mama because I will sleep at night! I will love them up and send them home, oh the perks of being grandma!

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