Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some Days Are Just Perfect

Sometimes you just have a beautiful day.

Saturday was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining, the weather was forgiving, and the kids were cooperating. It was a great day to enjoy the fall and take in the beauty of the changing leaves. The joyous sounds of their laughter topped it off like the creamy froth on my vanilla lattes.

We slept in, that was a treat. My daughters and I had a time of morning banter and play, relishing in the quiet morning, their brother asleep and their dad at the gym. We mused about what we could possibly do, finally deciding on going out to downtown Kirkwood. We ate cereal for breakfast and when the brother emerged from his bedroom cocoon, we left to hit the city.

There are rare moments when I have all three of the children on the same page, bubbling over with laughter, and agreeing to just enjoy each other. Saturday was a great day. We sat and had hot chocolate while the son studied at the library. Then we took to walking down the scenic downtown, taking in the people, families, and colors.

Lunch made the day fill our bellies with great Mexican from Amigos Cantina on Jefferson. It was absolutely the most flavorful and tasty tilapia tacos ever! Nothing like good food to make the laughter even more jovial.

I do not think the day could have been any better when it did. The girls joined their father in a visit to his mother. The son and I headed to Station Plaza to join other high school members of the Social Justice Club for an outdoor concert. There was not enough cajoling to get me out there to dance the electric slide, but the night was still filled with energy.

When I came home to shower and do my daughter's hair, I could not wipe the smile from my face. There are just some moments that will the spirit with contentment, yesterday was just such a day. I realized how blessed I am to have these amazing personalities in my life.

Some days are just perfect, Saturday was perfect.

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