Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Writing Journey

Still writing, 7630 words so far. Not bad considering I didn't start on the 1st.  I started a week after National Novel Writing Month began.  Will I make it to 50,000 words by November 30th?  Not sure, that is the goal.  The plot is still developing, new characters coming and a love story thrown in.  It is more suspenseful with a dark character who bothers me but looms behind the distance in the story.

I have been writing for two hours, I have two stop now and go get Keziah.  I think the stop and starts of my day is what is making this harder than I want.  I want to step away from my life and just write, perhaps over Thanksgiving Dwyane will take the kids out shopping or something.

The process is good, forcing me to think more about my craft, more so in a sustained setting than during the leisure of developing a story over a longer period of time.  I know the editing will be a bugger and I am resisting urges to stop and research more.  The novel spans a period of time, right now I am in 1982.  Anyone remember Fame?  Man, I really loved that Leroy Johnson character back then, I would stop everything to watch Fame.

The journey is the thing with this novel.  I decided to make it a real city, trying to think of fictional landscapes when the real ones are good was just a waste of time.  And I met a printer today while writing at Kaldi's.

I wonder what my daddy would think?

Well, back to the day!

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