Sunday, December 27, 2009


All the presents have been unwrapped to the sounds of children's glee. The evergreen still holds center court with presents still under the tree.  The Wii was a hit for everyone and the girls proved they are sports stars.  The teenager has more clothes to make a mall and there is still wrapping paper down the hall.  It was a wonderful Friday with a moment to reflect on the real reason we celebrate the giving of gifts.  From the youngest to the teenage child, they read the story of the Christmas child.  Each one, in voices clear, read the story our hearts hold dear.  Their father prayed in his booming voice, giving thanks to God and for the moment to rejoice.  The gift-giver took her job with glee and handed out presents to everyone...even to me.  She smiled and she sang as she skipped about, covering her ears when her sister let out a shout!  "Just what I wanted, I'm so happy to have it."  She moved and danced and could hardly sit.  Their father and I smiled with knowing that we each to the one gave them something worth owning.  Careful thought and lots of care made our tree overflowing, not a space was bare.  When it was all said and done, we hugged each other, knowing love had won.  Then off to their corners to open and play, each one gleeful and joyous that day.

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