Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Heaven Gave Sunshine Girl

Today, the heavens open up and poured out sunshine.

My daughter is six years old today!  I can not believe this little princess has been on earth this long, regaling us with her laughter and encouraging us with her strength.  "I'm ok!" is her mantra every time she falls down.  She jumps right up, dusts herself off, and keeps stepping to her next task.  Restoring, refining, and refreshing everyone along the way, just the meaning of her name!

Keziah has enriched our lives and added pink sparkle everywhere.  No other little girl could play dress, have a doll collection that rivals the toy stores, run like the wind, and still wrestle her big brother or try to climb a tree.  She triumphs! 

In her kindergarten class, she is clearly a leader and magnet for other kids.  She is courageous and has overcome more health challenges than I could ever handle.  Keziah never makes a big deal of it and just accepts for a fact that it is just something that makes her unique.  So what she can't eat ice cream she says, she gets to explore treats like lime all fruit bars and gelatto!  Who cares if she has a rare gastrointenstinal illness, she is the subject of a children's book about doing anything she wants!

I am such a blessed mother.  God chose this woman, one who never thought she would have one, to be a portal for six souls to reach this earth.  Even as I took a moment to mourn my firstborn, Cory, on November 1st, here I am a month later, celebrating my lastborn, Keziah, on December 1st.  God does renew.

One day the heavens opened up and blessed a family with someone who was waiting to show us just how much God loves us, how much He strengthens us, and just how much He loves to laugh!  Happy birthday little one!

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