Friday, April 2, 2010

The Day After

This morning I woke up dreaming of ships.  Then I thought about water and how refreshing I feel whenever I see the Lake.

Perhaps it was the newness or just the fact that yesterday was not a sad day.  I celebrated my son with my own private birthday party at Benton Park Cafe' after I spent a little time shopping at Paste Crafts in Soulard.  I then went to the Central West End to Something Special by Lillian and ended up having a wonderful conversation at the Starbucks on Maryland Plaza and Euclid.

When I came home from my day of reflection, I hugged my kids and smiled at the blessings before me.  I let the shower water cascade down my freshly maintained (and trimmed) locs and just smiled at the day.  Sunshine has kissed my face and Ms. Ann reminded me that my son was always with me in spirit and I would see him again.

Then today came and we walked in Forest Park.  He gave me a flower from a magnolia tree and as we kept feeling the warm air of God's gift of spring, we stumbled upon a cascade tucked into the hills and rocks.

I climbed up to the top of the cascade and with each climb up the giant rocks, I could feel myself reaching more and more serenity.  I stopped and looked at the waters, finally shed a tear and declared my never-ending love for my firstborn.  The flower was a perfect thing to nestle between the rocks, a memorial for him here.

The hours make the clock tick as this Good Friday winds into the evening.  I have had times to reflect on the newness of life, promise of life, and reflection of life.  It is a good thing to live, in the day after.

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