Thursday, April 15, 2010

On A Lighter Note

Today my cousin told me my keyboard was still smoldering so I'm ending the night by stepping off my soapbox and taking a walk.

First, I sat in the lovely sunshine and watched my daughter play.  Then I read a few chapters of The Hemingses of Monticello and since I am still in the early part, feel good about the book.  I received a photo of my deceased son and while it is grainy, it is enough to show his younger siblings.  And finally, I connected with some childhood friends that made me smile at the memory.

My night ended with me doing the happy dance because I FINALLY made something my six year old daughter likes.

She rages more battles in her body than even the most ardent tea partier could rage against our government.

Food is almost poison to her.  She is allergic to everything and even the allergist, nutritionist, and kids GI doctor all looked at me and said, they didn't know what to tell me.  They were the experts!  What do I feed this kid?  It is new territory and they have never seen someone as allergic as she is.

Yet today, in the midst of her dwindling "safe" food list, I made her smile.

This kid loves, loves, loves waffles and anything backed.  Ian's makes great chicken nuggets and Enjoy Life lets her get her chocolate yummy smile.  But one thing was missing - waffles.  I found Ian's French Toast sticks (made with rice bread) did not satisfy her, ironically, of all the major food allergies (and she has all of them) wheat is not a challenge.  So. after a long day of waiting for her brother to finish rehearsals and running errands, this mama was too tired to make a traditional dinner.

Solution?  Breakfast!

But I didn't want to make two meals.  So waffles!

I whipped up a batch of allergy friendly (not gluten free) waffles that they ALL loved and asked me to save some for breakfast tomorrow.  I did the happy dance!  My daughter said, "Mama, I just LOOOOVVEE you!"  and the eight year old said, "these are so good you don't need syrup!"  That made me feel all oooyyy gooooie inside.

The recipe:

2 cups Bisquik (alter if there are wheat allergies and find an alternative)
1 1/3 cup Hemp Valley Vanilla Milk (you can use rice or almond but my daughter has nut allergies and hates rice milk)
1/4 cup sugar (you can skip this if you want, but I like to make it a little sweet)
2 tbs canola oil (my daughter is allergic to corn and soy, canola has a light taste)
2 tbs EnerG Egg Replacr mixed with 2 tbs water - whisk well and pour immediately (this is off direction from the box)

I warmed a mini waffle pan and brushed it with canola oil

Spoon out the mixture into the waffle iron and let it rise, then flip

I spread a little Earth Balance Soy Free Spread  - there are others, but my daughter is allergic to soy

Yummy goodness!

This can be served plain, with organic maple syrup, blueberry syrup, or even sprinked with powdered sugar for dessert.  Dress it up with fresh fruit and Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips for something fun.

I am going to make it again with Lemon Sorbet on top for her to enjoy during our birthday dinners next month.

So, my dear cousin should know, my keyboard is not smoldering, I am saving my political and social commentary for another day.  For tonight, this mama is happy and smiling that she brought a smile to the face of a courageous little girl!

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