Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seemingly Random Thoughts That Really Do Come Together

So I can probably say I am having one of those days that can be termed "free flowing."

Well, not actually.  I mean, how free flowing can it be when your newly minted sixteen-year-old woke up at 4:30am literally spilling his dinner in the bathroom sink?  That was my Tuesday morning. Said kid cleaned it up (hey, if he can drive...NOT...he can clean up after himself), took a shower, and stumbled back to bed.  Only to get up an hour later and do it again...this time hugging the toilet bowl. This went on all day Tuesday.

Then Wednesday, that is today...right...?  I spent most of it driving around picking up assignments for said kid who was still getting sick as late as 7:30pm Tuesday.  Oh, and did I mention that my husband was gone because Tuesday was the university's graduation and today he is gone on a one day (meaning, late, late tonight) trip for a professor to receive an award?  Yep, he missed out on all the excitement...and the mounting laundry.

I vaguely remember said husband waking me up to tell me he was leaving.  "Um...yeah,"  My head hit the pillow like a thud.  I had just been up at 5 o'clock in the morning with the six year old.  What is it with the kids who end in six keeping me up???  And it was too early for caffeine.

Today has been a racing day, one of those that feels like I still have a mound of work (and laundry) to do before the weekend.  And just as I was looking at the sink full of dishes (Soooooo unlike me), I thought about all the things I thought about today.

I wasn't able to sit still long enough to reconcile my receipts so I threw them in an envelope, raced over to my office to have just missed the business manager.  Left him a note and the kids waiting while I added everything up...ten minutes tops!

Then I raced across town to beat the janitor locking the door so I could get the said recovering teens French II binder and Algebra II assignments that were taped on the class office.  We made it.  Another ten minutes.

When I finally made it home, yep, did pick up the eight year old in time, I set out the things for dinner.  And the kids ate cereal, peaches, and toast, lots of toast.  So I gave up on making dinner.  Got back thirty minutes.

The stove did not hold my attention and since hubby was traveling and teen was sick, the girls were easy to please, they had an impromptu "sleep over" with the requisite sleepover meal.  I promise, they will have a plate full of vegetables tomorrow.  At least little girl made some awesome lemonade that she declared, "I CAN do it all by myself!"  She didn't want any help (and it was pretty tasty).  I'm eating the peanuts the teen (before he got sick) picked up in our townhouse office basket on his way home from school Monday (was it really just a couple days ago?)

I looked up from this mountain of paperwork to read an article on Huffington Post that was exactly what I said a few years ago.  Give me Christ, but keep the Christians.  Don't worry, daddy, I still love Jesus and count Him as my savior, but conservative...nah!  I'm not and neither was HE!

The same thing about this economic crisis.  Jesus gave to the poor and did not care that much for the wealthy.  Hummmm, there is some validity to this having all things common.  Maybe more humanity will result from that.

Solicitor General Kagan.  Very knowledgeable about the race issues in the country.  And the media response to that?  To question her sexuality.  Ok, and so what does that have to do with if she would be a good justice for the Supreme Court or not?  Definitely way better than what we got during the previous administration.

And what is it with all the games and quizzes on facebook?  Are people trying to escape from reality?  Maybe it is all that time they sit at MoKaBees pretending to work?  Wondering....well, I didn't have time and my Sorority Life profile is neglected!

Sponge Bob?  That is still around?  My twenty-one year old loved it.  Now the six year old?  When will I get away from Bikini Bottom?  And actually go somewhere that I can wear a bikini bottom?  Ok, don't worry, I'm a newly minted forty-six-year-old and would NEVER wear one of those now...

I literally laughed outloud at a quick peak at a website that had adorable pictures of little ones getting in a lot of trouble.  I can so relate, even as I pick up the girls' numerous craft projects and moan about my broken wooden chair.

This was life. Really, sometimes the best thoughts come when we are too busy to...think.
And my last random thought...I think...why is it that some moms have so much time to contact all the other moms to give even more money for the teachers' gifts?  And make stuff?   Maybe they have a nanny, they do live on the "rich" side of town.  Simple enough, money in the envelope for for a craft project by Friday...not happening!

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