Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life, Love, and The Good Mugs

It is funny how one thing can trigger a lot of thoughts and memories.

I was making some lunch - grilled sandwich with sourdough bread, swiss cheese, heirloom tomatoes, organic mixes greens, veggie bacon and pomegranate herbal tea - when I thought about love, life, and using the good mugs.

It is no secret that I really enjoy a great cup of coffee.  I've waxed poetic and mused a lot about my desire to one day take myself on a journey to the coffee producing lands of my favorite blend and sip to my heart's content, that and write while I am doing it.  It is also not secret that I greatly enjoy this morning libation in unique mugs or antique cup and saucer.  I have a collection of mugs from places I have traveled or that my husband and sons have brought back from me.  I also have ones that I have picked up from artists at the many fairs that populate my fair city in the spring and summer.  And I have some antique, dainty, gold rimmed cup and saucer sets that I have picked up at garage sales, flea markets, or estate sales.  They are delicate, dainty, and demand to be recognized.

I have some of my collection on display around my sitting room and others are simply in the cabinet, waiting for their turn in the spotlight.  Some I just never thought to use, they were memories and reminders of special places.  Then it dawned on me, my mugs, like love and life, are meant to be taken out-of-the-cabinet, examined, and filled.  Otherwise, they are just empty vessels waiting for the day when my children will be going through my things and pricing them for a garage sale.  I decided to enjoy my tea in a memory.

The years have given me enough gray hairs and wrinkles to be able to know how very important it is to live this life, fully, and not sit and wait for...whatever.  Tomorrow is not promised and today is the gift, use the good mugs!

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