Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Thoughts and Notes To A Younger Self - Or From An Older Sister

I am not sure if it is November, Ntozake Shange's choreopoem made into a movie, or simply watching my daughters that had me thinking about this, but think I did, so here it goes.

My notes to a younger self or notes from an older woman.

1.  Trust your gut, that burning in your stomach that says something is wrong, trust that, it can save your life

2.  Guys lie when it comes to sex, they just do, they want it and will say just about anything to get it, do not believe them, save it for the one you want to be with

3.  Speaking of guys lying, girls lie also so watch your friends if they are more into your destruction than into your destiny

4.  Parents are not perfect, they make mistakes, forgive them and learn

5.  If you decide to have sex, make sure you use protection and get on the pill - and never sleep with a guy who won't wear a condom, he won't be that good anyway and don't trust him

6.  Always, always, always love yourself first - if you do that you will be open to when real love finds you

7.  Go on an adventure with just you, take yourself somewhere you have always dreamed and then enjoy it

8.  Never be afraid to walk away if it will be better for you

9.  Pursue your passion, it will be worth more than any paycheck, and the rewards will be lifelong

10.  Cherish your real friends and make family where you find them

11.  Wait to be complete before having kids and when you do, love them totally

12.  Be selfish and give time to yourself

13.  Listen to your heart, that quiet voice, she will tell you what you need to do

There is more, but this is a start.  Wisdom in the gray hairs.

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