Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pondering It All

Technology hasn't been my friend lately.

Yesterday was my son's 24th birthday and I couldn't post on his facebook page because I couldn't get in?

My laptop died a sudden death a couple weeks ago.  The tech says the harddrive got too hot and burned out the monitor, he is trying to save my files (next time, I will have an external hard drive and save my writing there!).

Then, this morning, after spending hours at the ER because the incompetent pharmacy tech at my Walgreen's couldn't read the doctor's quantity last evening and refused to refill my daughter's asthma medicine, I came home to post on my blog and posted on my book blog instead!

Now, my son found his cell phone after it was lost for weeks and my cell phone is tinkering on the brink, and I am wondering if I need to invest in a tablet?  All the while, we have access and our brethren in Egypt have been cut off from all forms of internet service, just how powerful is this ability to be heard!

Last failure, I typed my morning article on my book review site, did I say that already?  Well, I threw in some references to Isabel Wilkerson's book The Warmth Of Other Suns which I will review in greater detail next week.

My daughter is better now, thanks to the ER tech who gave her the breathing treatments I could have given her at home had the pharmacy tech filled the prescription on a Saturday evening!  She is giddy and laughing now and ready to take on the world.

I thought about how technology failed us then.  We have been on the same medicine for years from the same doctor, what couldn't he made out?  From the same insurance?  I wanted to go back to Whaley's Pharmacy in Jefferson City where the pharmacists, understanding the severity of asthma, would even deliver the medicine and take care of the details later.  What happened to us?

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