Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Celebration of a Queen and a President

August 4, 2011 is a momentous day in history.

Today, in honor and celebration of that nurturing soul, I pause and give accolade to my Mama-Sister, eDali Swizwe!  Today is her 58th year on this universe.  The atmosphere breathed forth someone who exudes vitality and life, is free spirited, deeply loving, and ever ready for an adventure.  I learned more than I even know from this Queen.  She blessed my life and nurtured my soul, today, I stand with the ancestors and say, Ase!  It is well that this one is so esteemed!

There is another who shares the space and time with my Mama-Sister, our President.  I also pause for a moment to give recognition and honor to President Barack Obama!  He is celebrating 50 years and has given a fresh, energetic, strategic, and classy look to a Gentleman!

Happy Born Day to a Queen and a President!

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