Sunday, August 28, 2011

The State of Affairs

We are in a precarious state of affairs in our country.

It seems as if Mother Nature as well as the nature of an injured populace has reached a frenzie.

There were earthquakes, floods, recordbreaking heat, and now, Hurricane Irene streaming up the eastern seashore, even shutting down New York City.

It leaves one wondering what is going on?  Why are things shaking up so much and so many are feeling as if they are on a precipice.

This summer, August, seems to be going out with a vengeance and leaving the rest of us spent from too much of everything.

I think this was one of the hardest summers without a lot of relief.  There was a perfect storm of too many things happening at once with not enough extinguishers to put out all the fires I dealt with this summer.  I think I'm still waiting for a vacation!

The election frenzy has been in full gear with all the GOP candidates spouting their own brand of insanity and the Democrats sitting back watching the circus unfold.  We are still facing record-breaking unemployment and like the Hurricane, are in danger of another Economic Disaster that will threaten even the most toniest of neighborhoods (not just the foreclosure crisis in Prince George's County, Maryland).  It all makes me wonder when humanity will see the humanity in each other.

Famine in Somalia and hungry kids in Kirkwood, MO.  There is too much going on to not reach out to the person in each other, regardless of our race, religion, or where we went to school.

I am not a Muslima, but I have quasi followed one in her reflections during Ramadan.  It would behoove those who claim Christ (just claiming does not make it so, all those religious right fanatics like the ones who want to have dominion over all of us and return things like slavery) to really walk like Jesus Christ.

As this is Sunday, it is probably a good idea to remember that Jesus actually hung out with the poor and disenfranchised, fed the poor, overturned the moneychangers (wealthy out for just themselves) in the church and believed in paying taxes!  That is certainly not the message coming out of the loud mouths.

This month has also watched many many children go off to school (even in Joplin MO) and in search of their new knowledge.  Some have been blessed with new schools and computers on every desk in Honors French IV at Kirkwood High School while others are barely getting a new text book.  It makes me wonder when this country will have national standards, uniform education across ALL neighborhoods, and give every child the right to dream.

See, I told you this month was a bit too much!

I try not to watch the news because it is not reflective of what real people (especially real people of color) are encountering on a daily basis.  It certainly wasn't reported about the young black woman who was beaten like a dog by the Philadelphia Police because a plant fell from her windowsill.

My late father is turning over in his grave, I just know it.  What wrong has happened to these mostly white Gen X and Baby Boomers who are perpetuating so much hate in this country? When will the lower income and middle income whites realize that the super wealthy are not looking at them like they are equals?  This perfect storm has got to end!

And the black, brown, and white kids who are committing crimes, just stop, aren't you tired yet?  Enough is enough.

A new academic year holds promise.  Black parents, brown parents, white parents, sacrifice and make sure your kids get to bed on time, get up and have a good breakfast, get to school on time, and stay involved, maybe then we can stem the tide of unrest that has hit every hamlet of this great land.

It has been a sad state of affairs, but I believe, I have to, that there is a better day, that people will wake up, that the storm will pass, and that my daughters will have opportunities to shine.

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