Wednesday, May 2, 2012


18. What a magical, possible, wonderful number.

In a few short days, my fourth son, my youngest son, will become, officially, a "man".  

Have I given him all he needs to march forward into his destiny?  I've been primarily at-home 3rd grade.  My work has allowed me to be accessible to him.  To drive him to rehearsals, to be at all his performances, to guide him through the college process.  To witness this forming and becoming.  Have I given him all he needs?

This beloved son of mine.  The one whose name carries the promise of generations.  He is a true reflection of God's love for me, truly.  God allowed him to push through the impossible to be here and to be the possible, the one to carry the mantle that for three generations has waited for the right Ezra to carry it forward, this is the one.  Have I given him enough to move forward?

I can hardly contain my joy when I think about my youngest, my almost birthday-twin.  To say I am proud is an understatement, to say I am blessed, does not hold it all.  

He will march forward with a healthy outlook on his life, with his grace, virtue, and pride intact, with an assurance of who he is and whose he is, with an ecclectic group of friends who surround him with laughter.  

18. It truly will be magical, possible, and wonderful for him!

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