Monday, May 7, 2012

Born and Celebrated

This was birthday weekend in my household.

My last son, my mirror at times, my reflection at others, my almost-birthday-twin, turned 18.

I wanted his 18th birthday to be so much more than mine was, I wanted him to know how much he is loved, celebrated, and cherished for reaching this milestone in his life.

He reached it without ever having been involved with the law enforcement, substance abuse, and frankly, girl troubles.  He reached it with scholarship offers in hand that allowed him to make a choice about the best fit for his future.  He made it having experienced his purpose and potential.  He reached it surrounded by an ecclectic group of friends who celebrated his essence.  And he was surprised.

It was my honor to arrange his weekend of celebrations for not only his birth but also his impending graduation from high school.  He will cross the threshold where only a few Americans continue to cross, his own graduating class in this part of Missouri experienced some 50 kids who could not cut it to diploma.  My son will be even more rare with the assault on black males happening in this country over the past two decades - he will be a black male high school graduate on his way to college.  That is cause for celebration.

I also had the honor and pleasure of relishing in my family's love and joy as I celebrated my 48th birthday.  It was sweet to see them come up with ways to make me smile from my daughter's rendition of presenter and poet, to my baby girl helping me to "just rip it" with the wrapping paper, to my new laptop on which I write this blog.  I received a handmade pen and a french press and wonderful items hand selected by my older son, here for my birthday, a place he hasn't been in years.  I loved everything they did for me.

This was a great way to rejoice in living.

2012.  What a year to celebrate milestones!

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