Monday, May 21, 2012

The Graduate

I did it!

That was the look, sound, and thought of my son sitting in the audience for his graduation ceremony.

There was a sea of red as the Kirkwood High School Class of 2012 waited for their moment.  They were there, a great group of kids who were caring, charismatic, and courageous.  This group was so accepting and allowing of each other to have space to grow.  They were studious, playful, and easygoing.

My son, my youngest son.  When I was sitting in my seat, I had my "Harpo Moment" as my oldest son called it, I cried, like body shaking silent tears as I waited for the principal to lead in the graduates.  All the years and tears and drives and yes, mama fussing, to get him to this point.  The month of May with the endless schedule, it all came down to this moment, this blip in time, he was about to walk into the arena and graduate.

I am very proud of him.  He graduated.

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