Friday, May 18, 2012

Merry Merry Month of May


The transition from spring to summer. The official packing away of coats, boots, and winter clothes.  The month of more sun and easing nights.

The month of non-stop activity!

May 2012 presented itself with a calendar that has left me in a whirlwind.

Planned and executed a very good surprise 18th birthday party for my son, complete with one of his lifelong friends traveling to our somewhat-still-new-city and his friends surprising him with a jazz set (he sang wonderfully and had the crowd on their feet!)

His birthday then a violin recital then my birthday then Mother's Day then a couple field trips thrown in then Brownie Court of Awards then high school Drama Banquet (which I planned all by myself for over 120 people) to his last day to graduation activities to a guitar recital to his sisters' last day of school!

The merry merry month of May is leaving me breathless, but smiling.  Wonder what will happen in June?

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