Thursday, June 28, 2012

One of 17! Great Day in America!

Breaking news just came in that The Affordable Health Care Act has been upheld by the SCOTUS!  Chief Justice Roberts was the swing vote!  Finally, finally, finally, they did what was right for the American People.

My daughter is one of 17 million children in America who would be affected if her FIVE preexisting conditions prevented her from having health care, she would be dead, frankly, without access to health care.

My son who suffered nerve damage as a victim of a gunshot and attempted murder is affected.  He was be and now stay on our insurance up to age 26.  He has been able to have his physical therapy that moved him from a walker to being able to walk again.

My entire family has access to preventive care.

I am tremendously happy.  Yes, it is a victory for President Obama, but is really is a victory for the American people.  Health care is a right, access is huge.  I am preparing right now to take my daughter to the doctor for a previously scheduled appointment, it is just so sweet that it is today that the ACA has been upheld.

My daughter is one of 17 and today truly is a great day in America.

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