Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Writing Is The Air That Fills My Soul

One of the things I have noticed in these troubling, trying, and testing years of this Great Recession is that some people are taking a moment to reflect, to redirect, and to refocus on what really matters.

My journey to that place of knowing actually happened in May 2003 when I left my corporate job, the job that we moved to Kansas City for, the job that I thought would be mine for a few years.  It was my blessing, the weight lifted off my shoulders, and my opportunity to breathe when I walked through those doors for the last time.

The years following have not been easy in pursuit of my dream, but they have been rewarding and have given me reason to take pen to paper, fingers to keyboard.

Writing is the air that fills my soul.

Living is not complete for me unless I am expressing it through words.

So I have focused on it, joined a writing group, dared to read some of my poetry in public, was commissioned to write a wedding poem, gained perspective, and kept writing.

I joined Helium.com at its inception and let it serve as my MFA while I was at home nursing a sick daughter to health.  It helped me to hone my voice and discover more of my skills in narrative non-fiction.  I earned writing stars and high ratings and even was channel steward.

My blogs came next, this one almost accidentally freed my soul at a time when things were dark and threatening to cloud out my joy.  Writing became my escape and my respite.

Now, I write and manage three blogs, have registered my company so I can marry the writing with the marketing, after all, I didn't earn my MBA for nothing.  I found a way to bring together my love of reading and love of writing through my book reviews.  My creative self is exercised through my poetry and short story features.  Any my heart, this blog, my narrative, my commentary on all things of life since my husband says I always have something to say, lives on.  I had to shut her down for a moment when it seemed like an unwelcome guest was trying to get to someone else through me.  Now that that is over, I can get back to what I do best.

Life is precious.  We are all gifted with something that only we can do.  There may be a million others doing what we are doing, but only we have our perspective, our voice, our story to tell.

I am breathing in, taking a moment, and filling my soul.  I write because I live.

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