Friday, August 17, 2012

Celebrating Life's Changes

I can hardly believe that a month ago I was at All-State Jazz with my son.

Just one month, thirty days, and so much has happened.

Life is like that, one day everything seems to be moving along at the slow pace and then suddenly, life is moving along with the lightening speed.

In one month we celebrated his success in his jazz workshop and his little sisters' trip to Kansas City to visit their big brother and his young lady.  We were looking ahead and thinking we still had so much time before we had to pack up the van and drive down to Alabama.

We returned home from our respective trips, thinking how much we did this summer, and how it would be nice to just rest for a minute, when a health crisis hit me like a tsunami.

I ended up in the hospital and had to have emergency surgery on my submandibular gland.  I have never been that sick, so suddenly, in my entire life.  That was an entire three weeks of my life!.

Life is like that, at times, when suddenly things and plans change and you have to either accept the change, realize that you can't do everything, and just let the laundry pile up!

A month later, my son is now safely tucked away at his university, moved into his dorm, and finalizing changes to his schedule.  His classes start on Monday.  It was a whirlwind two days we had to get him packed and make the twelve hour drive, my unexpected illness happened in the three weeks I was supposed to be helping him plan and pack!  Oh well, we were able to jump into action and the van was admittedly a bit haphazard, but we made it safely.

I sat here for a moment and smiled.  My youngest son is on his life journey.  I stepped into his bedroom and didn't start crying, I did that before we left and on the drive down there.  Back home, I could only smile because I raised a son to be a college student.  My husband and I infused him with the best of us and sent him into the world with his wings ready to soar.

The girls decided they didn't want to go into his bedroom.  They miss him already, so do I.

Time does not stand still.  I have to jump into gear for the girls because school starts for them next week.  My oldest daughter told me she still needs to "go shopping." The little sister was jumping up and down with joy that her best friend is in her class.

My heart sings and is overjoyed that all of my children are moving toward their destiny.  The 25 year old down to the 8 year old.

I am celebrating life's changes and that I am here to enjoy them.  Happy Back-to-School.

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