Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Enough is Enough!

You cannot rewrite the definition of a thing to suit your agenda, simply because you want more power and greed and think the rest of the nation is too stupid to understand your regressive agenda.

Todd Akin, Congressman from the great State of Missouri, my home state, stuck both his feet so deep in his mouth that he actually told the truth of the Republican Agenda that has been brewing under the surface for the past 20-30 years.

He said "legitimate rape" will not result in a pregnancy because a woman has something in her "body to shut that whole thing down."


They truly believe if a woman was really raped, she would not be pregnant!

Tell that to all the young girls who were raped and molested by a grown man and ended up pregnant.  Tell that to the wives even who were forced into a sexual encounter with their husbands that resulted in a pregnancy that she didn't want.  Tell that to the many woman who have been raped and ended up pregnant and making the agonizing decision to have an abortion.

The GOP, mostly white wealthy men, have been trying to control the wombs of women since the nation was a nation.

They became mindlessly scared when the Year 2000 Census indicated there would be more "people of color" in the country by 2040 and their precious white "race" would be a minority.  They stepped up their religious and political ideology in even greater degree to prevent women from getting abortions (even though wealthy white women have been getting them for decades, even before Roe v. Wade).  The GOP has stepped up their assault against women and minorities (voting suppression, private prison complex, dumbing down the education system, health care debates and denial of equal health care for women) and have increasingly pulled the covers off their tactics as their rhetoric became more and more dangerous.  Even the GOP leaders, including their guru, Karl Rove, had to come out and say that Todd Akin was wrong in his statements.

It all makes me wonder, what is it they really want?  Greed and Power are insatiable twins, nothing will satisfy the bottomless pit.

We experienced the Occupy Movement that was sufficiently shut down by the 1%.

We experienced the more onorous voter suppression, even to the point of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania publicly admitting that they don't care if more blacks votes and their efforts were to get Romney into office.

None of their actions have been for We The People.  And the People are standing up and taking notice.

President Obama came out immediately and said "Rape is Rape" and reminded a nation that in the midst of the most humiliating thing that can happen to a woman, as well as the most frightening thing, it is not up to a bunch of old, white men to tell her that it is or is not a "legitimate" rape because perhaps she was not a victim of a "forcible" rape.

Enough of these men who claim to want small government stepping further and further inside a woman's body in the name of government to control that woman's body.  Is the the United States or is the Saudi Arabia or Syria or any other "muslim" country that they have had us at war with the for the past 11+ years just so the "citizens" can have the rights we claim to uphold?

What happened to America? All of this because a black man was elected in 2008 and the nation went nuts, well, the white people of the nation went nuts, well, actually, the racist white people of the nation went nuts and some of the normal white people have finally stood up to stay ENOUGH and things like "if you can't say it - vagina - don't legislate it!"

This is not for the good of the country or even the jobs they, the GOP, promised when they swept in on a tide of white fear in 2010.  It is because they want a republican takeover and a throwback to the 1950s they seem to hold as their ideal time (white women did not benefit from affirmative action, black women were "the help", the schools were segregated, black men were considered enemy #1, and white men held all the power).

I hope the other half of the nation, regardless of religious persuasion, class, ethnicity, race, language, or sexual persuasion will stand up to these bullish men like Todd Akin and VP candidate Paul Ryan, and forcibly tell them to get out of our bodies and keep their backwards ideology out of my civil rights!

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