Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I went for a long drive this morning.

There was a lot on my mind.

I realized that there are some people who exist only to destroy those who are even remotely close to them.  They destroy because of their own addicted issues and self-absorbed lifestyle. They leave emotional destruction in their wake and never bother to say "I'm sorry" when their hurricane is over.

I was driving and looking out at the greenery and realized that years have gone by, years that can not be recovered.  It is funny what a clear sky and open road will give you.  Time to think is precious.

We are living in volatile situations every day.  The election, the news, the unemployment, all have people on edge ready to launch out and attack anyone they deem to be weaker or the cause of their perceived pain.

Hurricane Isaac is wrecking havoc along the Gulf Coast and many of us are cleaning up the debris from hurricanes that touched down in our lives - loss of life, loss of health, loss of income, loss of love, loss, loss, loss. Sometimes too much loss can zap the soul and crush the spirit.

But in the midst of loss, there is hope, a ray of light, a moment when redemption seems possible.

Hold on, the moment will come, the tide will change, and the sun will shine, just take shelter and protect yourself in the storm, clean up the debris after the winds pass, and set out on your rebuilding when the sun comes out tomorrow.

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