Saturday, August 11, 2012

Redeeming The Evil Triplets

Fear. Power.CONTROL.

The Evil Triplets.

They wreck havoc in homes, communities, cities, and nations.

No one is immune from their grasp, they can be subtle in their charms, casual in their comments, but always, always seeking their own lust.  An endless lust.  Insatiable.

Moments come when they are dormant, seemingly at rest, at peace.


Fear cripples.

Control captures.

Power corrupts.

All of them steal, kill, and destroy.

Yet, there is the possibility, the promise, the pursuit of love, peace, grace, and harmony.

One can look at those things that would make us afraid and realize those things only have the power because we give it to them, they only have control because we relinquish our essence to their taunts, threats, and tantrums.

The evil triplets are like spoiled children, they want your attention, if you deny them the attention they crave, they wreck havoc to get it, even if they destroy themselves int he process. But that is what they want.

In reclaiming your personal harmony, you can center in and know that your spirit is greater than that thing that wants to destroy your soul.  You are greater.

Yoga, walking, running, or simply sitting outside on a cool summer morning sipping coffee are all things that can reclaim and renew the spirit, calm the soul, and restore the peace.



Life is too precious.


Thoughtful dialogue is appreciated.