Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thinking About Connecticut

I am not in Connecticut.  I am not in Chicago.  I am not in Colorado.

The places of unspeakable violence, horror, murder, destruction, and unspeakable numbness.

Yesterday, I, like the rest of the country, stared with disbelief, shock, and anger that someone would don military-like gear, storm an elementary school, and deliberately cut off the lives of 5 and 6 year olds because he is angry at his mother, who he already destroyed with firearms that are beyond the Second Amendment rights.  

How could this happen?  Why? 

These were babies in a community very much the same size as mine.  A community that takes pride in the children and providing opportunities for them to have a full life.  A community where a lot of the kids' friends and activities are centered around their elementary school, their safe place to learn and grow.  

This is not the case anymore.  

Was it ever for some children in places like Chicago who may not encounter disturbed gunmen storming the first grade classroom, but who have to dodge bullets and violence just to get to school.  Was it ever safe?


The guns used, a Glock?!?  What does anyone need with a gun like that?  Does the "right" to "own" it outweight the "right" to "life" that was robbed from these innocent babies?

I am numb, simply can not move, and I do not live in those places.  

The advocates will say guns don't kill people.  I'm sorry, but, yes they do.  The semi-automatic weapons are designed to take out large amounts of people in short periods of time.  The weapons used to kill these 20 babies and 6 adults were not simple handguns or hunting rifles. 

A tragedy such as this leaves the entire nation in a place of wondering what to do?  Is more security the answer?  

This never should have happened and I hope that the reasonable voices will not be held hostage to the NRA anymore and will wake up, speak up, or Connecticut can easily be again.

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