Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Voice

It is a beautiful Sunday morning in St. Louis.

The sun is streaming into my bedroom from the patio window, my coffee is a freshly made pour-over Sumatra in one of my favorite mugs.  My husband is downstairs making his famous Sunday morning spreads.  My older son is here visiting, nice to have him home.

It is a beautiful day.

I am sitting here thinking about tomorrow, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as well as the Second Inauguration of President Barack Obama.  I am watching my girl, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, discuss implications of the second term, and something struck me, the collective us.

The us with one voice, the us with everyday life, us with a mission and purpose beyond money, power, and control.

We believe that this term will have an even greater opportunity to broaden the landscape for everyone.

There is a chance to recognize each other as humans, as people with hopes and dreams, and reach beyond the barriers.

That is if we can reach around race, gender, class, orientation, age, origin, language, etc. and see that the people just need a voice.  

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