Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Hate Bullies

I hate bullies.

Honestly hate people who use fear and intimidation to try to control people, to try to elevate themselves in their thirst for power.

Schools have them, homes have them, businesses have them, governments have them.

They disrupt people's lives, all are destructive and kill the spirit.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is standing up to the white male elected bullies who try to intimidate, manipulate, and control.

Writers across the country are speaking out against Justice Scallia, a white male bully in his statement that voting rights are "racial entitlements."

White female managers can sometimes be the worse bully as we have seen with Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo.

What is it with them?

Girls - even the grown up ones - use gossip, exclusion, and things like rolling their eyes and dismissive tones to bully other girls.

Boys use physical aggression - even the grown up ones.

Economic and emotional are the worse because they are often hidden and most targeted to someone's livelihood, whether it is a spouse taking away resources or an employer making a slave of an hourly employee, it is all detrimental.

I hate bullies.

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