Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are You Brave Enough?

Reaching a certain stage in my life and career, I've decided that the status quo is worthless, useless, and not fit for public consumption.

Now, it is easier to just "keep it the way it has always been" because doing anything else requires a sense of bravery and a dose of courage that the average person is afraid to use.

It is in us, we all at times do it, question the "powers that be," talk among our little group about how we "wish things were different."

But, that qualifier, as we, are you, willing to step out for the "something different" that will affect your life?

Are you, am I, are we, willing to hold those in "position of power" accountable for the actions they take that affect our lives, our livelihood?  What are you afraid of?

I am probably solidly in the middle of my life, or as my late father used to say, "I have more days behind me than ahead of me," and knowing that, I refuse to be silent, to be intimidated, to be labeled, to be anything but authentic, intelligent, brave, and authentic.

Asking questions is how we change, how we grow, and how we become better.  We have to, because truly, there are those, the "power players" the "ones in charge" the "1%" who want nothing more than the rest of "us" to be the "least among us."

There is so much more and it is not always the size of the house, the clothes, or the car, it is the character and the caliber of the human being, because truly, when the breath leaves and the dust settles, all that is left is the memory of what you did for someone else.

Are you brave enough to question the status quo?

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