Monday, March 11, 2013

Writing and Running

I looked up the other day and realized I have been too busy to write!

That has never been part of my life, me, a writer, too busy to write.  How did that happen?

I have also been too busy to take my Coursera Modern and Postmodern class.  Again, how did this happen?

On January 11, 2013, I filed my candidacy to be a Board Director for the Kirkwood Public Schools.

Things have been moving at an accelerated pace since then.

I've met wonderful parents, teachers, staff, and citizens who care deeply about the education of our K-12 citizens.  I've been to coffees, PTOs, and more board meetings than I can count.  I've chatted with my campaign manager about the size of my flyers and how many I wanted to print, I've made my family endure my absence and way too many unwashed loads of laundry.

The campaign has given me a fresh perspective on running for public office and also on how much work it takes to maintain one's individuality.

I am an independent candidate who first coined "a voice at the table" that has now been used by another candidate. I  was the first with the long thin flyers, now the rest have them, the first with business cards, now the rest have them, the first to publicly talk about "host a coffee" and have now heard the rest mention that.  In a crowded field of five, it takes a lot to stand out.

When I sat down for coffee this morning and thought about the week ahead of me, I thought about what I haven't done, and write is one of those things.

I went to the Nordstrom's eBar the other morning after taking my daughters to school.  I pulled out a Moleskin and decided to just write, after all, I talked about the pen-to-paper-to-brain path of learning and with carpel tunnel still bothering me, needed a break from the laptop.  I wrote three short vignettes and thought, ok, the muse is still there, she hasn't left me, even though she is drinking more coffee and talking to more people and being recognized much more than she thought.

It will be April 2, 2013 sooner than I think and the citizens of Kirkwood will have made their choice.  Two of us will be elected to the school board and life will go on again with one more month of school after that, summer plans being finalized, and a new flower store opening...until next year when another election takes up the collective mind space.

Being proactive and feeling the need for normalcy, I am trying to reclaim my writing time, my reading time, and oh yes, that pesky load of laundry.

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