Monday, April 1, 2013

Emotional Monday

April 1st has been an emotional day for me every since my son was born.

Today, on this Monday, I am definitely a bit emotional, thoughtful, thankful, and hopeful.

My first born, my beautiful boy, came into this world to a young, naive, mother who barely knew anything.  My tall, skinny frame held him inside, my late father teasing me that they were going to have to "tie a wheelbarrow around you" because from the back I never looked pregnant.  I can close my eyes now and see the rush to the hospital, the nurse who was mad she couldn't "prep" me (glad they do not do all that stuff anymore!), and the doctors barely ready to catch the boy who was definitely coming before the car could be parked.

I loved him from before the moment I held his chubby body and and looked into those squinty eyes and apple cheeks.  His head was covered in hair that eventually curled softly and his color "came in" as we say with black babies - a really soft shade of tan.  Those cheeks stayed chubby.

Cory LaMont Brent, was and always will be my heart.  I love him so much and miss him more than I ever have the words to write.  But, I know, now, and even then, that my late mother cradled him, that my late father nurtured him, and that the great cloud of witnesses and ancestors are all together in the Heavenlies.

My beloved first born, mama adores you.  Kisses to heaven, happy birthday to my angel baby!

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