Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I am Proud of Me

The exhilarating joy of life and learning.

This is the day after the election and for the first time in about four months, I am not planning a speech, researching notes, writing a post, or anything related to the school district.

Pretty happy right now.

No, I did not win the election, congratulations to the winners, but did win a new friend, brought issues to light, made it a campaign, and kept my race clean.  Pretty happy right now about that.

We are traveling this weekend to rest and regroup and will be returning to get caught up on four months of missed laundry, writing, and studying.

I learned a lot and am very proud of myself for running, especially since I am not from here and live in our version of Peyton Place, at times.  I am very happy.

My girls hugged me this morning and said, "yeah, we get our mom back."  My husband was a silent support last night as we waited for results while enjoying appetizers at Cicero's.  I thanked him for his support because I could not do it without my family's backing.

One of my supporters told me they are waiting to read about this in a book, perhaps, maybe.  It is a story to tell.

For now, I am simply proud that I ran.

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